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Vente de composants ASA Hydraulik

Refroidisseurs d'air, d'huile et autres liquides...

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Vente de composants Bezares

Equipements hydrauliques pour camions et véhicules industriels

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Vente de composants Dynaset

Equipements hydrauliques pour camions et véhicules industriels

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Vente de composants Hydro Leduc

Composants hydrauliques : pompes, moteurs, accumulateurs, micro-hydrauliques...

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Vente de composants Reggiana Riduttori

Réducteurs épicycloïdaux et de roues motrices

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Vente de composants Meta Hydraulic

Composants hydrauliques : pompes, moteurs, moteurs orbitaux, boitires de direction, multiplicateurs...

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Vente de composants Parker Denison

Composants hydrauliques

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Vente de composants Metalrota

Roues motrices et moteurs électriques


Sales of components and systems
Hydraulic / electro-hydraulic systems

RSL Hydro offers a wide range of hydraulic / electro-hydraulic components

composants camion accueil

We offer a range of specific equipment for trucks: piston and gear pumps, mechanical or pneumatic movement sockets, 1 to 3 pressure valves, mini hydraulic power stations, refrigerating air conditioners, data acquisition and control, etc.

composants dynaset accueil

Dynaset units are connected to the hydraulic system of the machine and generate electricity, pressurized water and compressed air for hundreds of applications: construction, demolition, agriculture, mining and quarrying, recycling, industry, transport , Etc.

composants hydrauliques accueil

Wide choice of hydraulic components and hydraulic equipment: pumps, multipliers, motors, reducers, accumulators, distributors …

composants trackline strickland accueil

Strickland Tracks is an English company that supplies the world’s largest manufacturers of spare parts for trains for mobile equipment …

composants electriques accueil

Wide choice of electrical components and electrical equipment: motors, drive wheels, differential bridges…

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RSL HYDRO is the commercial office in France of Burnside Eurocyl

burnside eurocyl fabricant verins hydrauliques

Burnside Eurocyl is a major player in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders. RSL Hydro is the French antenna of Burnside Eurocyl.

Our exclusive partnerships with suppliers

The product catalogs are available on supplier pages, ask for a free quote!

Based in the Vosges, between Nancy and Strasbourg, RSL HYDRO offers a complete program of hydraulic components for all mobile applications. RSL HYDRO is exclusive representative on the French market of:

§ BURNSIDE EUROCYL, manufacturer of Irish jacks, 150 employees, supplied the biggest manufacturers of the fields of construction, agricultural …

§ DYNASET, Finnish company, world leader in hydraulic generators, hydraulic compressors and high pressure cleaners

§ META HYDRAULIC, Italian manufacturer of pumps and gear motors, orbital motors, speed multipliers …

§ METALROTA, Italian manufacturer of electro pumps
§ STRICKLAND TRACKS: Manufacturer of track tracks, based in England, supplies all the world’s largest manufacturers of crushers & screeners.

§ TOTAL HYDRAULICS, manufacturer of special machinery, hydraulic power stations, drilling blocks, official distributors ATOS, SAUER, CONTARINI …

RSL HYDRO is also distributor of components:

§ ASA HYDRAULIK, air coolers / hydraulic coolers

§ BEZARES, gear pumps, mini hydraulic power stations, valves for buckets …

§ HYDRO LEDUC, French manufacturer of piston pumps, piston motors, accumulators …

§ PARKER DENISON, T6 pallet pumps for mobile applications

§ REGGIANA RIDUTTORI, planetary gearboxes, brakes …

§ WALVOIL, monoblock, stackable, proportional dispensers, joysticks, control valves …

The permanent stock offers you the possibility to be delivered as quickly as possible.

RSL HYDRO puts the customer at the heart of its action, offering high-quality products and services for all applications in the construction, mobile and agricultural sectors.

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A wide range of hydraulic / electrical components and equipment

Competitive prices

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