Burnside Eurocyl: manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders

burnside eurocyl fabricant verins hydrauliques
produits burnside eurocyl
produits burnside eurocyl

RSL HYDRO is the sales office of Burnside Eurocyl in France

We offer a permanent stock of Burnside Eurocyl products, in order to quickly serve our customers all over France and around the world.

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RSL HYDRO is the official distributor of Burnside Eurocyl products, enabling us to guarantee an ever more competitive price.

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40 years experience in hydraulic cylinders

Burnside Eurocyl concentre ses efforts sur le service, la flexibilité et la création de valeur, tout en instituant des relations professionnelles solides avec les équipementiers de toute l’Europe et de l’Amérique du Nord. Nos clients incluent des noms prestigieux tels que Volvo et JCB ainsi que les piliers de l’industrie comme Wacker Neuson, Wirtgen Group et bien d’autres encore.

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As an experienced hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, we understand the importance of maintaining close relationships with our customers. We will ensure that our service is of the highest quality and on time and on budget.

Burnside Eurocyl is part of the Burnside group, founded in 1974 by the four Byrne brothers. The group currently operates four cylinder plants in the region and employs 500 people. Burnside Eurocyl operates in specially designed facilities in Carlow, a town in south-eastern Ireland, where more than 150 highly qualified employees are employed on a 20,000 m² site. Our customer-oriented production lines produce 4,000 cylinders a week and deliver them to its main customers in two days all over Europe. We are able to deliver the east coast of the United States in one week.

Service first and international presence

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Focusing on tight sales, we export to all of Europe, notably in Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. We also export weekly to markets in the United States and Canada.

Although we are focused on product customization, we have in stock a range of standard cylinders and components and all requests are welcome, regardless of the country.

We guarantee the reliability, the sense of detail and the respect of the deadlines. The role of our employees is paramount and we are committed to continuous learning and development. Our research and development efforts in the field of hydraulic cylinders are permanent and we aim for excellence.

Excellent installations for market-leading cylinders

Manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders among European leaders, our activities are located in a state-of-the-art factory in Carlow, an important city in south-eastern Ireland. Our nearly 40 years of experience have proven that products of the highest quality are the direct result of good management of the company. Our operations are divided into four distinct divisions.

1) Burnside Eurocyl – Production

Our factory includes 20,000 square meters specifically designed for our business. We deal with the biggest names in engineering like JCB, VOLVO and Wirtgen Group and our production standards offer only the best systems and personal. Our production cell manufacturing system geared to customer requirements allows our team to respond directly to their specific requirements. Our continuous investments in a fleet of modern CNC machines combined with robotic manipulation allow our products to be reliable and competitive.

2) Burnside Eurocyl – Design

Burnside has nearly 40 years of experience in the design and production of hydraulic cylinders. Using advanced 3D modeling software with FEMA function, we use FMEA and DFMA techniques. We have always favored close collaboration with our customers and offer them a portal dedicated to design.

3) Burnside Eurocyl – Research and Development

Research and development play a key role in the future production of hydraulic cylinders. We are very attentive to trends and developments in the industry, which gives us confidence and resolve in our research and design activities.

4) Burnside Eurocyl – Quality

We attach the utmost importance to the quality of our cylinders. As modern machines are becoming increasingly complex, it is imperative to adopt only the strictest standards and procedures to meet the requirements. ISO standards and TÜV accreditation guarantee our commitment to quality and standards.

The best production standards for a trusted supplier

As one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders in Europe, our production site offers only the best in equipment and production standards.

Our custom designed factory produces over 4,000 cylinders a week. Upon completion of our expansion in 2012, our production will increase to more than 5,000 cylinders per week. We operate several cell lines. Our staff works on a two-team basis for maximum efficiency. We use a range of specialized equipment to ensure that your products are manufactured and tested professionally and efficiently.

Production facilities at Burnside Eurocyl

Equipped with CNC lathes and robotic welders, our production facilities are modern and designed to produce the highest quality products.

Our testing, quality and safety requirements guarantee 100% cylinder pressure checking.

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Soudage / ISO 3834-2

In order to consolidate its position among the world leaders in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders, Burnside Eurocyl has achieved EN ISO 3834-2 certification. This standard enables Burnside Eurocyl to guarantee the highest levels of quality in its welding processes. Burnside Eurocyl secured the services of TÜV Rheinland, the world’s leading provider of technical services since 1872, to certify its welding activities.

The production Burnside Eurocyl in a few words

  • Highly automated production site
  • Robotic-controlled welding stations
  • Loading robotic machine
  • Multiple semi-automatic processes
  • Production system based on customer requests
  • Short manufacturing times
  • 100% pressure check
  • Phosphating and finishing paint
  • Shipping JAT

The design Burnside Eurocyl

Expertise in the design of cylinders at your disposal

Our nearly 40 years of experience in the industry and our position as one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders make our experience and know-how an unrivaled asset in design.

We work closely with our customers throughout the design phase

Developing a partnership with our customers is one of our major qualities. Our approach is to understand your activities and to look for what we can bring you.

All our cylinders are designed using the most advanced CAD software.

The Burnside Eurocyl design in a nutshell

  • Experienced design team
  • 3D CAD
  • Use of the Finite Element Mechanical Analysis (FEMA) technique for product optimization
  • Close cooperation with customers
  • Online plans for customers and suppliers
  • Rapid Prototyping

Presentation of research and development at Burnside

As a specialized manufacturer, research and development have an essential role in our business. Our site has been designed according to our needs. It is equipped with an R & D unit that focuses on the development of prototypes and the design of customized cylinders.

We are also engaged in the design and construction of specialized machines for the production of hydraulic cylinders.

Life cycle tests and intensive pressure testing are only a part of the techniques and processes used to ensure the viability and proper operation of our wide range of hydraulic cylinders.

In our production of precise and practical prototypes, the preparation and the realization of templates represent a very important aspect.

R & D Burnside Eurocyl in a nutshell

  • Fully equipped R & D facilities
  • Burst test
  • Pulse test
  • Life cycle test
  • Manufacturing of templates and tools

Quality and safety are top priorities for Burnside

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The quality is improved by the use of materials from only the best suppliers. We guarantee that all gaskets, chrome bars and pipes that have been crimped and smoothed are only from the leaders recognized on the market. Regular audits of our suppliers as well as a continuous inspection of the supplies by our quality team allow us to maintain high levels of quality.

Burnside pays particular attention to quality and safety. According to the principles of best practice and accreditation, we manufacture high-quality, secure hydraulic cylinders that meet the most stringent standards in the industry.

ISO standards and TÜV accreditation guarantee our commitment to quality and standards.

Security-oriented technology and systems

Among other specific aspects of our quality approach, we conduct analyzes of materials using a spectrometer and use the assisted technology of a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Burnside Eurocyl conducts specialized test benches to increase general attention to quality.

We perform 100% pressure testing on all cylinders we produce, providing the highest quality of products delivered directly to you.

Quality and safety Burnside Eurocyl in a nutshell

  • ISO Certification: 9001
  • Analysis of material using a spectrometer
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)