Bezares: manufacture of mechanical and hydraulic components

Permanent stock of Bezares France products

We offer a permanent stock of Bezares France products, in order to quickly serve our customers all over France and around the world.

RSL HYDRO is the official distributor of Bezares France products, enabling us to guarantee an ever more competitive price.

Bezares was founded in 1954, and is dedicated to the manufacture of mechanical and hydraulic components.
Today, our company has become a global benchmark in its industry.

Currently, Bezares provides the world’s leading automation manufacturers. Thanks to its sales network, its products are distributed in more than 60 countries across the five continents.

Today, Bezares produces one of the largest range of power take-offs, through which we provide an answer in the majority of transmission problems encountered in the market. This range is endowed with a multitude of options, covering all the possible applications.

For years, we have acquired the level of quality allowing us to obtain ISO 9000, 2000 certification. The quality policy applied in our company has involved the setting up of a system that demonstrates our respect for the environment. It enabled us to obtain the ISO 14001 certification, thus guaranteeing our respect for nature.

Bezares: the widest range of power take-offs

Bezares has the widest range of power take-offs for all manufacturers of gearboxes. ISO 4 holes, UNI 3 holes, SAE A, SAE B, SAE C in all versions.

  • Pneumatic
  • Mechanical
  • Empty (Simple Effect)

Bezares: gear pumps

Bezares: distributors for tippers