Metalrota: drive wheels and electric motors

produits metal rota
produits metal rota

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METALROTA is an international company with branches in most important markets. The factory in Italy has an area of ​​6000m2, of which 3200m2 for mechanical and assembly area, 2000m2 for the electric motors factory, 1000m2 for the production of differential units.

Focusing on electric drive wheels since 1965, METALROTA was the first Italian manufacturer of two-wheel drive and electric motors. Today we have complete catalogs of drive wheels and electric motors (DC & AC) as well as differential units, motor pumps, hydraulic steering pumps and geared motors. Ongoing investment in research aims to improve quality and positive results in expanding the range of products and services to customers.

The flexibility of production brings one of the biggest choices of engines and driving wheels on the market.

metalrota roues motrices moteurs electriques
metalrota roues motrices moteurs electriques